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Marinus Jansen

Marinus has an MSc in naval architecture from the University of Technology Delft. As a global marine technology steward with Caterpillar, focused on purpose-driven engineering, Marinus is part of Caterpillar’s marine innovation team providing guidance on ship design and construction as well as marine operations within Caterpillar’s product development and engineering community.


Engineering design for hybrid marine power systems

The challenge is to provide the most cost-effective, reliable and user-friendly experience system solutions for mechanical and electrical power in marine applications. This can be done using a detailed understanding of operational demands to create a shared common language and uniform system architecture fully integrating engines into the vessel energy systems and providing total system solutions. This presentation covers a shift from continuous power availability to power on demand, and the functional descriptions that need to be attributed to components in a vessel energy system to enable this shift in design and engineering philosophy.