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Guillaume Vileyn

Guillaume Vileyn has been with Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore since 2006. He currently hold the position of Senior Electricity and Fire Safety Surveyor at the BV Houston Plan Approval Office. Guillaume is responsible for design reviews related to the implementation of battery systems onboard new-built and existing ships, whether it be on the electrical and automation aspects or the fire and safety aspects. Guillaume is also responsible for design reviews related to the Type Approval Certification of battery systems manufactured in North America.


Experiences of battery system approvals from a class perspective

Bureau Veritas has approved, and has ‘in service’ Class expertise, of a significant number of E&H vessels, part of the approval process includes a Risk Analysis of the battery system and this is often an unfamiliar subject to some or all of the potential participants yet has a large impact on the safety of the vessel. BV will discuss the reasons why a risk assessment is done along with the requirements of the exercise, the outputs, and the requirements for approval of the risk assessment from a Class perspective to provide some key takeaways