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Zhen Qi

Zhen Qi is a senior control systems engineer. He has been with ABS for one year and has 13 years of industry experience in automation- and control-related projects and technology development in the renewable energy, oil and gas and hybrid vehicle industries. He has a BSc in electrical engineering from Luoyang Institute of Technology, China, an MSc in electrical engineering from Henan University of Science and Technology, China, a PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Wyoming, USA, and an MBA from the University of Houston, USA.


Practical considerations for hybrid electric power systems onboard ships

Hybrid electric power systems (HEPS) are one of the technologies that can help to meet the IMO’s GHG reduction targets for 2050. This presentation will provide information on the practical considerations for HEPS for marine power application from the following perspectives: power and propulsion architectures; using renewable energy sources (fuel cell, solar photovoltaic); using energy storage systems (Li-ion batteries, flywheel); application of model-based design; ABS class requirements.