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John Buckingham

John Buckingham is the Chief Mechanical Engineer at BMT. A Fellow of the IMechE, he has over 38 years’ experience in marine engineering systems design. He has designed and analysed hybrid power and propulsion systems for naval and commercial vessels and is currently involved with the modelling and analysis of marine energy saving technologies. He has been the technical lead for a wide range of technology studies and concept development work, specifically on studies relating to energy saving technologies and heat management systems.


The combined effects of multiple energy saving technologies

Future prices of alternative green fuels may be a multiple of fossil fuel prices whilst their availability will continue to be in low volumes for some time. Energy Saving Technologies (EST) such as wind propulsion and hull air lubrication are required now to address the challenge of the IMO’s CII targets. Demand for ESTs will persist to allow range to be extended with the low energy density fuels and to reduce fuel demand to offset their high prices. In this presentation the benefits achieved when different ESTs are combined on a dry bulker are presented.