2024 Awards Nomination Form

Please make your nominations on this form for each category winner and complete your details below. Be sure to include 50-100 words justifying your nomination, and links to any further information and/or reading which may be useful.

Please be aware that only technologies launched since June 2023 and achievements that have taken place since June 2023 will be considered. If your nomination predates this period, but you are highlighting an update/development from the last 12 months, then please highlight the aspects of the timeline you would like to be considered.


Please note: your personal details will not be transmitted to any third party nor will any details of your nominations be made known.

Environmental achievement of the year - vessel design

Environmental achievement of the year - propulsion system design

Environmental achievement of the year - industry contribution

Concept vessel design of the year

New propulsion technology of the year

Vessel charging innovation of the year

Ports and harbour innovation of the year

Hydrogen technology breakthrough of the year

Marine industry supplier of the year

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