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Brian Cooper

Brian studied Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at the Queen’s University of Belfast. He has a background in powertain engineering at Ricardo Consulting Engineers and Jaguar Land Rover. At JLR also he led the Electrification Advanced Engineering team delivering projects in batteries, motors, power electronics and charging. In his final role, he developed new battery concepts for the next generation of JLR vehicles. He currently leads the HV Drive Department at TAE Power Solutions which is responsible for developing new battery and power electronic solutions for eMobility.


Advanced di-electric fluid cooling for modular marine batteries

This presentation will describe a novel cooling strategy utilising the Castrol ON E-Thermal Fluid and will show the increased heat transfer, safety and cell life benefits through practical results and modelling. TAE Power Solutions is leading the UK APC18 Celeritas project. Working with partners BMW, AMTE, BP and Clas-SiC the team have developed a modular battery system with di-electric fluid cooling, high power 21700 cylindrical cell, new control system and high efficiency DCDC converter. Based on this work, TAE will describe the optimized battery's performance