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Michael Bunce

Dr. Mike Bunce is the Head of Research for MAHLE Powertrain's US group located in Plymouth, Michigan. He has been with MAHLE Powertrain for 11 years. His group’s research topics include advanced combustion, low life-cycle carbon fuels, electrification, and fuel cells, spanning the automotive, marine, motorsport, and stationary power industries. Mike received his PhD from the University of Nottingham in 2021.


Exploring synergies between marine hybridization and low life-cycle carbon fuels

Hybrid technology has demonstrated fuel consumption reduction potential in marine applications. Simultaneously, the marine industry is under pressure to rapidly decarbonize. This has led to the research and development of low life-cycle carbon fuels for combustion such as ammonia and methanol. However, there are significant barriers for these fuels to span full engine operation required of conventional diesel or natural gas marine engines. Hybridization is an enabling technology for these fuels by supplementing operation in key areas. This presentation highlights the technology of MAHLE Powertrain’s high power / low voltage hybrid system and its synergies with combustion of low life-cycle carbon marine fuels.