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Kentaro Shima

Kentaro joined MOL in 2004 and his time at MOL has encompassed new builds design approval, new builds construction supervision (LNG and other carriers) and superintendents in ship management companies. Kentaro is now a general manager at MOL Technology Research Center. Some of the center’s roles involve technology research activities in support of the zero-emission vessel (Wind Hunter), biodiesel fuel and drones (air and water). Kentaro’s center is also conducting FO/LO analysis under MOL management.


Wind Hunter - zero-emission project with wind propulsion and hydrogen

The Wind Hunter project is the ultimate zero-emission driving project, which combines wind propulsion sailing technology and wind energy converted to generate a stable supply of hydrogen. The Wind Hunter project applies this technology and combines hydrogen carriers and fuel cells with hydrogen generated by electrolyzer. The power is generated by power generation turbine. This combination of sail and hydrogen technology will enable vessels to sail on schedule even in periods of low wind.