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Peter van Duijsen

Prof oP. dr. ir. Peter van Duijsen (Prof. of Practice, IIT Guwahati, India, PhD 2003 TU Delft, NL) has worked with computer simulation and power electronics for nearly 35 years. After receiving his master’s in electrical engineering and working at the Technical University of Delft, he founded Simulation Research and developed the simulation program CASPOC. He received a PhD in 2003 in the field of modeling and simulation of power electronic systems. He currently heads the R&D department at Simulation Research. Since 2020 he heads the DC-LAB at THUAS University of Applied Sciences in Delft.


Structuring, controlling and protecting the DC Grid in marine applications

The structure of a Marine DC grid enables control and protection in a different way, as usually employed in AC grids. Power electronic converters are used for both control and protection. The structure of a DC grid is also determined by the type of power electronic converters being centralized or decentralized. Power congestion management greatly improves the fault tolerance of a DC grid. Although power electronics introduce extra losses, the DC grid can be used more efficient than the AC grid.