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Remote control USV onboard radio
LS Elektronik

LS Elektronik will present its Mimer SoftRadio, which allows operators to remotely control a radio on board a USV from a command center on shore. GMDSS rules stipulate that a ship must have a marine radio on board to answer calls or alarms from nearby ships. When running the ship remotely, this needs to be addressed through a remote-control system so that the ship operator can still handle the radio as if he or she were on board the ship.

With Mimer SoftRadio, marine radio, PA and ambient microphones can be remotely controlled over IP, using 4G/5G or satellite. One operator can handle many ships in parallel, and several operators can connect to each ship. All calls can be recorded with the Mimer VoiceLog software. The technology is used all over the world on USVs, UAVs, oil rigs and offshore windfarms.

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