Some of the New Products on Show

48V electric motor for sail and power boats

Molabo will present its Aries 50 electric inboard drive. It operates at a low voltage and therefore requires no high-voltage safety measures for integration and maintenance.

Aries 50 is lightweight and relatively simple to install. It weighs only 44kg and is ideally suited for powerboats up to 12m and sailboats up to 15m or 12 tons. The electric inboard is offered as a system solution with lithium battery banks in three capacity sizes: 36kWh, 48kWh and 60kWh. For charging, either one charger or three 3,000W chargers connected in parallel can be ordered.

The range with the 48kWh battery module is up to 52.8 nautical miles at a speed of 5.5kts. These values were measured on a 7.10m motorboat weighing approximately 1,244kg. System efficiency (motor + controller) is over 95%.

The groundbreaking Aries 50 enables boat builders and shipyards to rely on environmentally friendly electromobility, even for high demands.

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