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Power backup and range extension combined in smart DC system

WhisperPower is exhibiting its unique OctoPower DC power backup systems for low-DC (24/48V DC) and high-DC-based e-propulsion systems at Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo 2022.

The company is focusing on the combination of fast charging/diesel power generation as an important backup and range extender facility for e-propulsion. The OctoPower systems are one-brand solutions that combine backup and range extension in a smart way – in capacities from 4-50kW.

Depending on customer preference, the company’s systems can be supplied with integrated DC storage and the advanced WhisperCare 2.0 monitoring and control system, which enables remote control of all system functions, with extensive historical and location information.

“Online video calling will never replace face-to-face meetings, which are important to understand what our clients need and to explain what we can offer,” said Sacha Loenen, responsible for marketing at WhisperPower. “We are enjoying meeting all our partners and new potential clients at this year’s Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo.”

Booth: 1252

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