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HV-HV DC-DC converters for fuel cells
BrightLoop Converters

With its new DCHV MP DC-DC converter, BrightLoop Converters aims to provide the best off-the-shelf DC-DC conversion solution to fuel cell architectures by focusing on extreme power density and versatility.
In fuel cell architectures, the fuel cell produces electricity to power the high-voltage batteries needed to run the electric motor. However, fuel cells do not provide a constant voltage: it varies according to the type and number of cells and their conditions of use. Moreover, it is essential to be able to adapt fuel cell systems to existing electric architectures without having to redevelop an entire dedicated platform. The DC-DC converter is therefore a key element of the system.

BrightLoop Converters will display a new standard HV<->HV DC-DC converter to interface with fuel cells of all levels of power: the DCHV MP. As it does with its existing product ranges, BrightLoop Converters offers the DCHV MP as an ultra size- and weight-optimized converter with an extreme level of versatility. The DCHV MP is fully reversible and operates in buck or boost mode; multiple converters can be paralleled to meet the needs of higher-power fuel cells. Weighing less than 10kg, it offers a voltage range of 50-900V DC, with a maximum current of 320A and maximum power of 200kW (parallelizable for increased power).

The DCHV MP is the first member of a new product line that will include higher and lower current ratings, buck-boost configurations for overlapping input and output voltages ranges, and a galvanic isolation option.

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