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Permanent magnet e-motors
GreenPower Propulsion

Dutch company GreenPower Propulsion has introduced its new Blue Marlin e-motors for green and clean electric inboard and hybrid propulsion solutions. The Blue Marlin series ranges from 5kW up to a maximum of 265kW, as well as offering up to 25kW for parallel hybrid drives. These highly efficient permanent magnet e-motors have full disposal of their maximum torque over the entire speed range, making them powerful and fast-responding main drivers. The Blue Marlins are water-cooled to ensure a very compact design, with maximum power output at all times and a long lifespan. The Blue Marlin inboard e-motors are equipped with a gearbox to give the right speed output for every propulsion application. Due to GreenPower Propulsion being a sister company of Blokland Cooling and Propulsion, it is possible to deliver the complete electric propulsion package from e-motor to propeller. GreenPower Propulsion is also continuously working to expand its product portfolio with a wider range and other smart, innovative products.

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