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Wireless remote helm and autonomous command and control technologies
Sea Machines

Sea Machines’ will be in Amsterdam to introduce new computer vision and enhanced situational awareness capabilities to its legacy SM200 and SM300 wireless remote helm and autonomous command and control technologies. The company has chosen Autonomous Ship Expo to be one of the first events to display its newly launched products and solutions featuring AI and computer vision capabilities.

The SM200 wireless beltpack and joystick offer mariners full wheelhouse control from the best vantage point. The onboard console supports remote helm control, propulsion and payload equipment. Operators can safely and confidently control the vessel from onshore or from a nearby vessel, with unobstructed visibility and without the need to rely on a remote spotter.

The SM300 enables operators to remotely command and monitor multiple autonomous vessels from a second location. This level of autonomy elevates the bridge crew from controller to commander, transferring routine tasks to reliable, autonomous systems and allowing crews to focus on high-value jobs. Furthermore, AI sensors enhance comprehensive situational awareness, ultimately increasing safety and mitigating risk in dynamic ocean environments.

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