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Ultrasonic antifouling and cleaning systems

Developed as a substitute for the polluting chemical/consumable-based technologies used in the past, Mesultra’s ultrasonic antifouling systems are built to protect the main seawater circuits designed to allow the seawater intake for crossovers, scrubbers, fire pump systems and reverse osmosis systems, among others. Using vibration propagation produced at a certain frequency spot and sweep values, the systems can prevent the development of fouling at a larval stage, without using chemical-based devices such as Chloropac or solutions requiring intensive and expensive maintenance, such as anode and cathode protection systems.

The IKE 2200 ultrasonic generator is the real heart of this system, converting standard input tensions into the desired frequency through ultrasonic LEO 50 piezoelectric transducers installed along the main seawater circuit.

Available for installation directly on board as well as in shipyards and factories, the company’s ultrasonic cleaning systems provide efficient, eco-compatible washing of multiple types of parts including steel or alloy engine components such as pistons, valves and turbo blowers. The company’s washing tanks are used in the cruise and tug industries, as well as for Italian military frigates (FREMM), to ensure a durable, sustainable, effective washing process during standard and non-standard maritime operations. More than 80 clients have chosen Mesultra’s ultrasonic cleaning systems.

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