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OctoPower has been developed by WhisperPower as an integrated, single branded power solution to supply AC and/or DC electricity using a minimum of diesel engine running time. The heart of the OctoPower system is a (lithium) battery bank that feeds one or more WhisperPower inverters during silent time.

This lithium battery pack is rechargeable from different sources, including a land power/dock connection, solar/wind generators and one or more DC or AC WhisperPower generators. OctoPower can provide a power window from 3-50kW and is an ideal ‘green’ hotel load power solution, as well as a backup source for e-propulsion systems.

Hundreds of OctoPower systems have been installed around the world. A very interesting and successful integration of the OctoPower system can be seen in a recent project carried out by a new boatbuilding company in New Zealand. Earthling, an initiative of John McGettigan and Ross Pratt, who both live in Auckland, is a high-speed ‘motor’ catamaran based on high-efficiency 48VDC Molabo drive motors. The first model, the E-40, will be delivered to the new owner this summer.

The power solution used for the Earthling E-40 Power Catamaran is made out of two OctoPower 7/48VDC systems incorporating two super-silent diesel generators, the M-GV Piccolo 3 plus, supplying 2 x 12kW of 48VDC backup power.

The selected lithium-ion battery is a WhisperPower Power Plus battery bank of 2 x 20kWh. The deckhouse of the catamaran is covered by 2.4kWp of WhisperPower solar panels. The complete system is supported remotely by WhisperCare 2.0.

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