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Exceptional shipbuilding expertise

Fincantieri SI provides turnkey integrated electrical, electronic and electromechanical systems. In the sectors in which the company operates, it acts as an EPC contractor: it applies exceptional project management, engineering and construction skills that it has developed in the complex field of shipbuilding. Fincantieri SI also offers its best practices to industry sectors different from its own.

The company’s operations model is highly integrated to support clients throughout the entire lifespan of its products by providing lifecycle management services.

Fincantieri SI’s portfolio currently includes harbor infrastructure such as ship-to-shore power systems, marine solutions for fully electric, hybrid electric/mechanical propulsion and battery-based energy storage systems.

The company’s integrated approach along the value chain means it can offer multiple advantages for customers. These include access to engineering, erection and services from a single supplier with one sole responsibility; a focus on energy efficiency through the optimization of solutions based on a combination of experience and innovation; proficiency in project execution thanks to the integration between engineering and erection activities; and better performance of the systems in operation thanks to integration throughout lifecycle support services. In terms of energy efficiency and pollution reduction, Fincantieri SI can provide solutions for any marine application, from a cruise vessel to a tugboat.

In addition, Fincantieri SI offers a wide range of solutions for shipyards focusing on systems with high technological content, such as sandblasting and painting facilities, ship lift and transfer systems, and special test bench power and control systems, either on a turnkey basis or providing the design only.

Following the current push toward the electrification and efficiency of maritime and port infrastructure, and taking advantage of the collaboration between the subsidiaries and affiliates of the group, Fincantieri SI is involved in all cold ironing projects, both Italian and European, providing a wide range of solutions and systems such as the integration of energy production from renewable sources, together with storage and distribution systems to make it possible to manage users’ needs at harbor level and provide potential support to the national grid.

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