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E-drive systems and powerful thrusters

Boat systems specialist and electric propulsion pioneer Vetus will highlight its its unique E-DRIVE systems and powerful BOW PRO thrusters at the Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo Europe on Booth 1232.

The new VETUS E-DRIVE systems include the 48V E-POD100 (10kW) package, designed for installation in the vessel’s stern. The E-POD is a compact electric propulsion system including propeller, pod and drive, for smooth and silent cruising on vessels up to 36ft.

With no rotating or vibrating parts on-board the boat, the all-in-one VETUS E-POD system operates with no noise and is simply mounted in the stern of the vessel without the need for a shaft or other drive components. The E-POD requires less room inside the boat than other propulsion solutions and gives the owner more space to use for interior living and storage, according to the company.

The specially designed enclosed propeller minimizes cavitation and improves the effective thrust to increase efficiency, ensuring comfortable cruising at low speeds.

Vetus also claims its E-POD and E-LINE systems are the only electric propulsion solutions with ‘active motor braking’, providing optimum control of the boat, with no delay, direct movement and total control.

VETUS E-DRIVE solutions can be used in conjunction with a VETUS BOW PRO proportional bow and/or stern thruster and can be supplied as complete system including thrusters and steering components to fully outfit a vessel.

Once the E-LINE or E-POD is installed, the only requirement is to wire in the battery bank as well as the V-CAN control wiring. V-CAN wiring provides reliability and flexibility to install the helm wherever desired, while the small number of components ensures maintenance is minimal.

The VETUS E-LINE range is ideal as a standard shaft-driven in-board diesel engine replacement. Suitable as both a re-power solution and for new builds, the compact and efficient 48V E-LINE packages enable silent, environmentally friendly cruising with exceptional manoeuvring capabilities.

The E-LINE features VETUS’s Active Electronic Braking, guaranteeing full control without the requirement of a gearbox and clutch. The high torque of the electric motor is used to change the direction of rotation quickly and actively, enabling the boat to be stopped within one boat length if necessary.

The E-LINE motor is equipped with a smart, water-cooled 48V controller, developed specially for electric boating, enabling the user to charge the battery bank with a 24V battery charger.

VETUS offers three models with output power of 5 kW to 10 kW, with a peak input power up to 13.3 kW, and supplies the complete package customised for the boat, from shore power to propeller, to provide the most effective installation for customers.

Recently launched to the market, the VETUS BOW PRO Boosted 300 series are the highest output thrusters yet in the company’s expanding line-up of advanced BOW PRO units. The new BOWB285, BOWB300 and BOWB320 are suitable for boats up to 30m/95ft and offer users significant benefits when compared to conventional thrusters.

The Boosted 300 series are the first BOW PRO units in the 300-mm tunnel range and allow for extensive use without overuse or overheating issues. They offer DC-to-DC charging technology to keep the thruster batteries at their optimum level, exceptionally quiet operation, precision proportional control and long runtimes.

The units charge the bow thruster’s batteries using VETUS’s renowned internal three-stage charging process. This solution enables connection to a 24-V power supply to recharge the 48-V battery bank to keep the thruster batteries at their optimum level.

Installation of BOW PRO Boosted thrusters is fast and easy, with no maintenance on the brushless motor. The units integrating seamlessly with the proprietary VETUS V-CAN system for plug-and-play convenience.

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