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Introducing ePropulsion H-100 electric inboard

ePropulsion H-100 is an innovative 100kW (equivalent to 140HP) electric inboard made for large vessels with a full displacement of up to 200 tons. Equipped with revolutionary permanent magnet motors, it delivers robust power and superb efficiency, while it is compact in size and light in weight at the same. It has also continued environmentally friendly, high reliability, no maintenance and great user experience characteristics like all ePropulsion motors.

By utilizing pioneering permanent magnet motor technology, H-100 achieves 2000Nm maximum torque and delivers an astonishing 96% efficiency, higher than the traditional 100kw AC asynchronous engine. For more sustainable boating, H-100 has largely reduced the resources needed and also resulted in lower operating costs.

H-100 has a surprisingly compact size and is lightweight. It adopts a flat cable design, which increases the slot fill rate by 25% and improves power density, comparing to similar motors. These result in H-100 only weighing 190kg and taking 443 (diameter) x 315 mm space, approximately two-thirds lighter and half the size of a traditional 100kw AC asynchronous motor. The compact size and reduced weight provide sufficient flexibility in installation, and greatly free up payload and passenger space.

By incorporating magnet reluctance in the motor design, H-100 has reduced the counter electric potential to further enhance the safety of the ship. By combining IP67 waterproofing, anti-corrosion (acid salt spray for 400 hours), high accuracy position feedback, high torque density, closed-loop cooling and other features, H-100 not only meets the most demanding working conditions, but also requires little maintenance and provides long equipment life.

The groundbreaking permanent magnet motor, ensures noise and vibration are greatly reduced, providing passengers with a quiet and comfortable boating experience. The modular design means owners can easily extend the range and power by adding motors, controllers, and batteries, while remote control operation is provided via the ‘dock’ and ‘syn’ modes that can be selected to adapt to different operating scenarios.

Paired with ePropulsion HC-160-54 controller, users can conveniently use DC power directly, rather than adding a converter. The boating Internet of Things (IoT) system also enables owners to manage their fleet remotely and easily.

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