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Cost-effective battery systems with supercharging capability
Echandia Marine

An array of Echandia Marine products is on show at Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo 2022 in Amsterdam, including the company’s LTO system and the Echandia Rack System.

Echandia LTO is a lithium-ion-based heavy-duty battery system that has been built and certified for maritime use. The company’s solution is highly flexible and modular by design, making it suitable for use in a range of vessel sizes and applications. Furthermore, the battery system can be utilized to enable fully electric propulsion and hybridization, or to support onboard systems including peak shaving and spinning reserve.

The cell technology used within the LTO batteries also enables a greater portion of installed capacity to be utilized. This results in a more compact, lighter and cost-effective system for a given duty cycle. With supercharging capability, the batteries can be fully charged in approximately 10 minutes and have a life expectancy of more than 30,000 cycles.

Having undertaken a multitude of collaborative projects with Echandia Marine, Martin Verstraaten, sales manager at Damen Shipyards, said, “With Echandia, Damen Shipyards has developed award-winning and groundbreaking projects. We are completely confident to put their energy storage solutions on our vessels.”

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