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WaterWorld exhibits complete electrical propulsion system package
Water World Electronics

Dutch marine technology manufacturer WaterWorld is displaying its portfolio of electric inboard drive systems and batteries at Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo.

The company’s inboard drive systems range in power from 4-20kW and offer a silent, emission-free alternative to conventional polluting diesel engines. The systems are considerably lighter and smaller than their diesel equivalent, so boats can benefit from extra room and ease of installation. To complete the sustainable drive package, WaterWorld also provides a throttle and a color display to keep users up to date with the remaining sailing time and drivetrain status.

The company’s range of lithium maritime batteries is also on show. Produced without cobalt, the batteries benefit from a robust aluminum enclosure to ensure they are durable for use within the maritime environment. The 48-6500 battery features a 6,500Wh capacity with a maximum discharge rate of 100A.

“All of the electronics are our own,” commented Abele De Jong, a senior sales representative at WaterWorld. “We are one of the few companies in the world that have a complete system. It is quite plug and play. You can connect everything and then it will function. We have distributors in the Netherlands, Germany, France, England, Spain and also in Scandinavian countries. We hope there are more visitors from all of Europe that can see our products and the complete system. We aim to build our name.”

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