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Air-cooled LTO module
Echandia Marine

Echandia will launch a new air-cooled LTO module (battery system) during Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo Europe. The air-cooled e-module is characterized by extreme high-power capability and 10C continuous power throughput, all while maintaining leading safety and lifetime expectancy. The upcoming e-module can be configured with the new 26Ah cell or the 20Ah high-power cell, giving a specific energy density of 13kg/kWh in the 26Ah version.

The company has installed LTO batteries in over 45 vessels; with this upcoming launch, it is expanding its product offering to reach even higher C rates. It says its LTO chemistry is extremely resilient against external heat and abuse, with inherent qualities that drastically reduce the risk of thermal runaway and make it a sound choice for applications with demanding operational profiles, such as around-the-clock schedules and frequent charging, where safety requirements are non-negotiable. The safety characteristics of the LTO cell mean that the systems deliver high power throughput with the same level of safety after 10 years of use as on day one.

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