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Dedicated marine e-mobility center

To accelerate the Europe-wide shift to green energy in the boating industry, entrepreneur Manfred Striedinger founded smartIQ, which specializes in the development and production of modular high-performance battery systems for boats and offers electric engine conversions for various types of watercraft.

The locally produced battery systems are designed to meet individual needs and overcome the unique challenges of customers throughout Europe. To upscale production capacity and promote R&D in marine battery technology, Striedinger ordered the construction of the first marine e-mobility center in Austria.

The cost of the construction project on the 7,000m2 site amounts to over US$7.6m. “In order to grow rapidly over the next few years, we are expanding our current space,” explains Striedinger. “We plan to establish the ideal space to think, grow and create. Furthermore, in addition to the space we build for the upscaling of production, we want to create a space for partners and companies pursuing common goals to ours.”

The goal is to build an inspiring and thoughtful space where pioneering companies can collaborate and pool their expertise. The innovation hub bundles competencies in one place and increases the potential to innovate.

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