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Zero-Emission Speed Shuttles

Almatech will be in Amsterdam to show how it leverages its knowledge of space tech to make naval transport more efficient. Based in Switzerland, the company has a long history of creating modules for spacecraft and high-speed sailing hydrofoils. It is now applying this know-how to create the world’s most compelling zero-emission ships to connect seashores reliably and at high speed. This is embodied in its Zero-Emission Speed Shuttles, or ZESST. Several models are currently developed: ZESST Precursor for business commuters and private customers; and ZESST 50 and 100 for passengers and freight transport, with payload capacity of 4.5 tons and 50 passengers, and 9 tons and 100 passengers respectively.

During four years of development, AI algorithms were used to screen millions of possible design solutions and identify the best combination of batteries, fuel cells, hydrogen tank size, motor power, foil size and many other parameters to minimize total cost of ownership, with total energy needs (and corresponding capex and opex) reduced by a factor of three.

ZESST uses active hydrofoils to reach speeds of 50km/h while employing smart control software to maximize passenger comfort, with a level of acceleration so small that it is below the level of seasickness incidence. Smart control software takes into account hundreds of parameters to optimize power consumption during each trip, while a combination of advanced materials reduces ship displacement compared with traditional vessels, further reducing opex.

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