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Pay-as-you-go e-propulsion
Shift Clean Energy

Bringing together proven technologies, Shift’s pay-as-you-go PwrSwäp ecosystem offers a reliable, affordable way to electrify and reduce GHGs. Described by the company as a first of its kind, the pay-as-you-go service delivers clean and reliable renewable energy with no risk. Typical energy storage barriers of cost, size, weight and charging times are all drastically reduced.

PwrSwäp offers fully charged e-pod battery cartridges that are connected through cloud-based service and management centers. The idea is simple: use energy from the e-pods to power your ship or equipment, then exchange them for new, fully charged ones. ESS is sized per trip, not for the life of the vessel, representing a revolution in energy storage solutions. Automated PwrSwäp stations provide fresh energy within minutes, when and where you need it. Customers save money from day one while meeting climate action goals through electrification.

A good application of PwrSwäp can be found in the electrification of ports, terminals and inland waterway short sea shipping. These are all micro-ecosystems: systems that are highly integrated and require energy to support the goods movement activities they perform. Currently, many of these sites are powered by fossil fuels: bunkering fuel for ships, diesel for port and harbor support vessels and trucks, and often carbon-based grid electricity (powered by burning natural gas or coal) powering offices.

PwrSwäp provides a holistic solution to shift to clean energy. Shift can customize solutions for customers, including converting marine vessels to hybrid or fully electric. It can also integrate renewable energy solutions. For example, Shift builds new wind energy production facilities and harnesses the power of wind by turning turbines into battery chargers, extending the range and capability of the vessel fleets that service the wind farms.

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