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Turnkey high-power DC charging system

Cavotec, a leading clean technology company that manufactures innovative connection and electrification solutions, has recently launched a new turnkey DC grid-to-inlet charging system to enable the decarbonization of vessels and industrial vehicles in applications all over the world.

The system consists of a high-power electronic module, a megawatt charging system (MCS) and an MCS inlet installed on vessels or vehicles. An optional battery storage module is available to mitigate energy peaks or for when grid capacity is limited.

The new system complies with the MCS standards defined by the MCS task force at CharIN to ensure the compatibility of connectors and inlet hardware from different manufacturers. The MCS will be used to charge a wide variety of heavy-duty vehicles, including construction vehicles, trucks and e-ferries where fast charging is needed.

Three MCS power levels have been defined by CharIN: level 1 (350kW), level 2 (1MW) and level 3 (3MW). The compact size and light weight of the MCS connector allow manual connection to the vehicle inlet by using smaller copper conductors and smaller high-power pins. To comply with thermal requirements for charging, the connector and cable (level 2 and level 3) and vehicle inlet (only level 3) are actively cooled.

Cavotec’s high-power turnkey DC charging system is a modular solution, offering manual and automated connection to the vehicle inlet. It is also scalable to other, higher power ratings and can be equipped with multiple outlets, enabling simultaneous charging of different types of vessels and vehicles, which increases efficiency.

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