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Torqeedo provides all-electric propulsion unit for Berlin water taxi

Oranje Nassau, a 20m, 55-passenger sightseeing boat and water taxi operating on Berlin’s urban waterways, was recently retrofitted with a fully integrated all-electric propulsion system from #EHMExpo exhibitor Torqeedo.

The Torqeedo Deep Blue 50i electric drive is powered by three Deep Blue batteries offering 120kWh capacity, which is enough for a full eight-hour day at operating speeds, with the vessel able to recharge from dockside shore power connections, overnight.

The new drive system benefits the environment and the shipping company’s bottom line, while improving life for the crew, the passengers and the city’s residents with its silent, clean energy.

The German capital has 11 navigable waterways totalling 200km, but when the Senate of Berlin measured the pollution caused by fossil-fuel-powered urban water transportation in the city a few years ago, the concentration of fine particles on some inner-city banks was up to 15 times higher than the legal limit. According to the Senate of Berlin, boat traffic causes around 10% of soot particle emissions – as much as 120,000 cars.

Torqeedo’s Oliver Glück, VP of marketing, hopes other cities and governments will follow suit and provide similar funding as provided in Berlin: “This project was funded by the German government and this model is very interesting for boat builders and providers of city transportation services, as electrification is essential in making inland waterways cleaner and greener.”

As for the expo itself, Glück is happy with how it continues to increase year on year. “We see the show growing and growing, and this reflects the incoming traffic from people interested in electric and hybrid for marine. We are looking forward to what kind of people are coming and the business talks we will have.”

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