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Modular and scalable DC/DC converter from Sprint Power
Sprint Power Technologies

Sprint Power, an electrical systems integration and electrical propulsion system specialist, is exhibiting its DC/DC converter at Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo Europe 2022.

The company’s DC/DC converter has been developed specifically for use within customer programs in a range of sectors, including the maritime industry.

Designed as a scalable system, the DC/DC converter can handle different power and voltage ranges and is upgradeable to enable the inclusion of CAN, bootloader, UDS and calibration protocols. Furthermore, the converter can be produced with custom form factors, interfaces and various cooling methods.

“A lot of people have been asking specifically about integrated DC/DC converters and onboard chargers, which mirrors what we are seeing in the automotive world,” explained Hannah Ansell, chief engineer for hardware electronics at Sprint Power. “We have had some interesting requests, such as a 20kW 48V charger, which is obviously a huge amount of current down at 48V. This is still something that falls well within our capabilities, though.

“All the components can be scaled up as power starts to increase," Ansell continued. "The typology of the product enables you to connect them in parallel and you can share the power across them.”

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