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Genevos Hydrogen Power Module range on show

Genevos is exhibiting its offshore-certified, fully integrated plug-and-play marine fuel cell called the HPM-15kW at Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo 2022.

The Hydrogen Power Module range was designed to specifically decarbonize vessels by using a compact, modular solution that enables high scalability and redundancy. The module sits alongside the company’s HPM-40kW and is stackable, offering scalable power solutions from 15kW to multi-MW scale. The maritime solution can operate with no vibration and low air pressure, resulting in a high kilowatt-hour power density per cubic meter.

"We are delighted to [have shared] in this important event for marine by showcasing Genevos's first commercially certified Hydrogen Power Module (HPM-15),” commented Rebecca Sharp, president and marketing director at Genevos. “We welcome discussions on why hydrogen is an important solution to decarbonize the maritime sector in the urgent Race to Zero."

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