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Complete drop-in propulsion unit for shipyards

EPTechnologies is showcasing its complete drop-in propulsion units for shipyards at Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo. To increase yard efficiency and simplify installation, the company’s solution features all the necessary propulsion system components pre-wired in 1-3 frames. This includes the batteries, a charger, DC-DC, a junction box, the controller and the cooling system. Additionally, the frames can be custom made to fit a wide range of different vessels. The system varies in power output from 40-400kW and can be mounted on shaft, Z or jet drives and surface piercing installations. It also includes electric gear shift mounting on Z or jet drive.

The company is also showing its battery technology, which weighs 5.2kg per kWh, and a plug-and-play, ultra-compact, lightweight, variable-speed DC genset, which weighs 80kg. With an output of 48V to 700V DC, it can create a continuous power of 8kW with a peak of 10kW.

“We believe in open architecture. You won’t buy over-complicated systems or black boxes that no one except the manufacturer understands,” explained Anne Sorflakne, responsible for marketing at EPTechnologies. “At EPTechnologies we want the customer to see what’s inside and to be able to understand how the system works.”

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