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Fully integrated maritime fuel cell systems
Zepp Solutions

Zepp Solutions will present its latest maritime fuel cell system solutions at Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo Europe 2022. Its 50kW and 150kW modules offer a fully integrated hydrogen fuel cell solution for emission-free power generation in any maritime application. The systems can be used for propulsive power generation as well as auxiliary systems. Visitors will be able to see how the 50kW module version powers the SWIM hydrogen water taxi, featured at the exhibition.

The fuel cell modules are controlled by Zepp’s unique hydrogen fuel cell control system, enabling a highly efficient and robust operation. The control features data-driven operational optimization algorithms and abnormal behavior detection for preventive maintenance and reduced downtime.
This control system, paired with the module’s state-of-the-art hardware and mechanical design, reduces overall operating expenses and increases system lifetime.

Two different system sizes enable a wide range of applications, from smaller vessels such as small ferries, pleasure craft and port workboats to larger shipping applications such as inland shipping barges and high-power CTVs. The smaller 50kW modules feature integrated hydrogen storage management and are available in horizontally and vertically mounted layouts for maximum integration flexibility. The larger 150kW modules are designed with a modular power system in mind. Multiple modules can be connected to the vessel’s electric AC or DC power bus to also supply higher power capacities up to megawatt applications.

The 50kW and 150kW modules are extremely compact and feature a fully integrated system design to reduce integration complexity and cost. Critical interfaces are minimized and the modules include all required fuel cell subsystems, such as full hydrogen fuel and oxidizer management, thermal control systems for heating and cooling, power conditioning systems and operational control, making them ideal drop-in solutions.

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