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Fjellstrand and Fjord1 sign zero-emission ferry contract

Norwegian ferry operator Fjord 1 has signed a contract with Fjellstrand to design and build a new battery-electric-powered ZeroCat type ferry.

Following its delivery in Q4 2018, the vessel will operate the route between Halhjem and Våge in Hordaland. It is a larger and further-developed version of the MF Ampere, which in 2015 became the world’s first car ferry to be propelled solely by batteries.

The new vessel will be equipped for both higher speed and longer range and will have a length of 87.5m, a beam of 20.8m. It will carry 120 cars, 12 trucks and feature a passenger saloon to accommodate 296 passengers. To optimise for the lowest possible energy consumption, the vessel will be built in aluminium with a catamaran hull.

“We appreciate the trust Fjord1 has shown Fjellstrand in placing this order with us, and see this as a vote of confidence in the development Fjellstrand is conducting for future environmentally friendly ferries,” said Edmund Tolo, sales manager, Fjellstrand.

- June 2017

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