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Keri Collins

Dr Keri Collins has an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering with French and a PhD that focussed on bio-inspired underwater propulsion. She spent her post-doctoral years at the University of Plymouth, UK, undertaking research principally in the physical modelling of offshore renewable energy devices. She now teaches Engineering Design and some thermos-fluids at the University of Plymouth whilst continuing with her research.


Charging infrastructure for sub 24m vessels

At Plymouth, a commitment to Clean Maritime permeates across a wide portfolio of research, from maritime cyber security, marine autonomy and advanced engineering to biological and environmental sciences, the arts, ORE and Big Data. This is Underpinned by strong government and sector collaboration. Taking a transdisciplinary approach to address challenges, Plymouth has been involved in some UK and World "Firsts" for e-vessels and e-charging. This presentation will share knowledge including lessons learned. In particular, what infrastructure has been installed to date, and which lessons have been learned.