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Alyssa Malcomson

Alyssa has been working for the federal government for the past eight years. She has performed a wide range of duties, including auditing, contract and grant management, research and development, budget formulation and execution, data analysis and reporting, and regulatory compliance. At DHS, she is a program manager and provides decision making, financial analysis and project support on multiple projects, including the Next Generation Maritime Public Communications activity, Waterway Analysis and Management System (WAMS), Mass Rescue Device, Ontology and Alternative Energy. Alyssa has a BSc in kinesiology and an MPH from the University of Maryland.


New – Maritime alternative energy for the future

This presentation will provide a background on government and DHS interest in alternative energy for maritime assets. It will also discuss our recent collaboration with HSWERX, a non-profit that collaborates with the government on alternative energy for maritime assets. Lastly, we will detail DHS’s requirements for alternative energy for maritime assets and present an overview of the selected alternative energy technology DHS is investing in.