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Andrew Waddell

Andrew is a senior associate in RMI’s Climate-Aligned Industries program, currently focused on global shipping decarbonization and the advancement of green corridors. Over the course of his career as an energy analyst, his work has supported policy development and investment decisions across multiple domains, from renewable energy and microgrid development to the decarbonization of buildings and heavy transportation. He holds an MSc in energy systems management from the University of San Francisco, and a bachelor’s degree, magna cum laude, from Georgetown University.


New - Green corridors and zero emission fuels

Last year, the IMO released an ambitious strategy to cut global shipping emissions, including a 2030 target for zero-emission fuel uptake. Regional policies and subsidies are further accelerating shipping decarbonization. Shipowner/operators are responding with mounting orders for methanol and ammonia vessels, the first of which have been delivered. Still, uncertainty around future fuel choices, costs, and infrastructure, as well as a disaggregated value chain, make for a challenging environment. Green Corridors tackle this uncertainty by solving for a specific shipping lane, enabling coordination across the value chain to plan and execute the most feasible path to zero emission fuel deployment.