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Guillaume Vileyn

Guillaume Vileyn is a Senior Electricity and Fire Safety Surveyor at Bureau Veritas (BV) Marine & Offshore, working out of the Houston Plan Approval Office. With over 15 years of experience at BV, he is responsible for vessel design reviews related to implementing battery systems onboard new-built and existing ships. His expertise includes the electrical and automation aspects of fire and safety vessel systems. Guillaume is also responsible for design reviews related to the Type Approval Certification of marine battery systems manufactured in North America. Guillaume holds a bachelor's degree from the French School of Electrical Engineers (ESIGELEC).


Case study – retrofitting to hybrid-electric propulsion

A case study on retrofitting to hybrid-electric propulsion highlighting the considerations for ship owners and shipyards during the installation of battery systems on existing vessels. This includes existing spaces/arrangement modifications or additional battery containers on the vessel’s deck. This case study addresses the importance of risk mitigation and Bureau Veritas requirements for such vessel modifications.