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James Edwards

James Edwards, Chief Engineer at Helix, leads motor projects like Aston Martin Valkyrie and Aspark Owl. He bridges technical and customer needs, from proposals to production. With an Imperial College education, he's a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and mentors through IMechE. His vast experience spans Intelligent Energy, Millbrook Proving, and Perkins Engines, covering electric, diesel, and LPG powertrains. Outside work, he's a dedicated marathon runner and passionate motorcyclist.


Marine propulsion unlocking hidden benefits beyond environmental compliance

The marine industry has been swift to embrace electrification, spurred on by environmental concerns, regulatory pressures, and a desire for quieter, cleaner vessels. Yet, what if a transition to electric propulsion offered more than just compliance with green mandates? This presentation will explore the untapped advantages waiting to be harnessed by boat designers and manufacturers, showing how these innovations not only revolutionize drivetrain design but grant freedom in shaping vessels of tomorrow.