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Stuart Calverley

After obtaining degrees in both Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Stuart was a lecturer in Electrical Engineering at the University of Sheffield, where his research was focussed on magnetic transmission technologies. He completed an MBA and founded Magnomatics in 2006 to exploit these exciting new developments. Stuart is Chief Engineer at Magnomatics and leads the development of systems from aerospace actuators, marine and rail propulsion to wind turbine generators.


Advanced propulsion systems using magnetically geared transmission

The presentation describes a novel magnetic transmission used in a new range of thrusters. The system gives optimised high-speed e-motor operation (compact and high efficiency) and magnetic gearing to provide low speed high torque output to the propulsor. The use of magnetic transmission to give a hermitically sealed system: deletes the shaft seal and eliminates leaks. The system operation and design is fully described and two production units (15kW/25kW rated at 6000m depth) are detailed.