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Michael Complita

Mike is a Principal at EBDG and serves as the Vice President of Strategic Expansion. He is focused on developing major growth opportunities for the firm including the advancement of alternative fuels in vessel design as well as non-conventional maritime applications. As a professional engineer with 30 years of experience, Mike has an in-depth understanding of all facets of naval architecture and marine engineering including optimization of vessel construction as well as long term operation.


A barge-based approach to lowering harbor emissions

Ports throughout North America are setting aggressive decarbonization and emission reduction goals. As they explore options for electrification, many of these same ports are subsequently encountering significant if not impossible roadblocks. Permitting delays, construction disruption, unreliable grid power and fluctuating energy costs are just a few of many challenges that must be addressed. Elliott Bay Design Group has developed a patent pending alternative to conventional shore power offering ultimate flexibility to serve both ocean-going vessels and smaller harbor craft. This mobile barge-based approach is uniquely capable of offering shore power to ships both at berth and at anchor as well as fast charging all-electric vessels directly in the field where they operate. In addition, it offers lower full-cycle emission compared with grid power, has no construction disruption or shoreside permitting requirements and is cost competitive.