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Ralf Nielsen

Ralf joined PowerCon in 2021 to help further develop the company’s rapidly evolving position within the shore power market. With a background of +5 years of assisting international companies locally in the U.S. within the maritime industry, he is now heading the U.S. entity of the Denmark-headquartered company, spearheading all commercial and project initiatives – most recently in the Port of Miami where PowerCon is supplying the largest shore power installation for cruise ships in the world.


How to best prepare for shore power

This presenation is expected to take the audience from an overall understanding of what it takes to implement shore power to providing a check list of specific recommendations of actions to take in the preparation phase which many ports are in. After an overall introduction, we will take a deep-dive into a specifc project as a case study and see what has worked well, incl. looking to Europe for inspiration to how shore power can perform better in the North American market.