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Jason Aspin

Jason Aspin co-founded AKA Energy Systems (previously known as Aspin Kemp and Associates) in 1996. Since graduating in marine engineering from the Canadian Coast Guard College in 1987 with specializations in power engineering and systems integration, he has built over 35 years of progressive experience in systems engineering. As an innovator, he designs solutions which are both socially and environmentally responsible, often introducing energy storage technologies to new applications. He has collaborated with other global innovators to develop new technologies, several of which have been patented and have made a significant contribution to reducing environmental footprint, increasing reliability and reducing operating costs.


Containerized zero-emission generator for in-port, shore power connectivity

This presentation will introduce attendees to a zero-emission generator. This is AKA Energy System's solution to the challenge of offering 'In Port' shore power connectivity with frequency conversion to charge a customizable Lithium-Ion battery Energy Storage System (ESS). The idea is to meet berthed vessel power needs without running main engines or generators and it supports N+1 redundancy requirements for higher-risk operations without the need to run additional rotating reserves. The system can peak shave and peak shift to further optimize the power system and reduce fuel and maintenance costs while reducing emissions. It includes a containerized solution with integrated environmental controls, shore-to-ship power connection/conversion capabilities and plug-and-play architecture.