DAY 2: Transfluid presents its hybrid power module for research vessels

Following a complete vessel restoration, Transfluid is presenting the HM3350 hybrid module that is powering the Western Flyer – a boat with a storied history and legendary past – at Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo North America. In 1940 the boat was taken on a 6,437km research trip by novelist John Steinbeck and marine biologist Ed Ricketts and is now a showcase for the future of marine propulsion.

Mounted between the 425hp diesel engine and marine gear, the HM3350 provides up to 200hp of fully electric propulsion. The parallel installation enables the motors to charge the batteries when the boat is using engine propulsion. This flexible design ensures the Flyer can carry out its new mission as a research vessel completely silently when on station, using the HM3350 to maneuver and power the onboard hydraulic systems via clutchable PTOs installed on the drive.

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