Lithium-ion battery solutions
Eco Power

Eco Power develops lithium-ion battery solutions that can be used in battery-powered vessels, offshore platforms and hybrid applications. It provides onboard energy solutions, with complete reference from cell to pack, enabling it to offer the best solutions for its clients’ applications. Its modular DNV battery pack is developed to meet the highest safety and certification requirements from conception through to manufacturing.

The company integrates advanced electronics and lithium-ion battery cells with proven technology. Built for scalability, its modular battery packs can be connected in series or parallel to offer versatility in a variety of situations requiring robust, safe, high-performance lithium-ion batteries.

The Eco Power battery pack is appropriate for all applications. It has worldwide approvals and certification of safety standards. There are no development costs and the company offers a fast time-to-market. Other features include 15-215kWh power sizing; fast charging capability; smart battery management system; high discharge performance; proven cost-efficiency per kWh; worldwide delivery capability; and high security and safety standards. Eco Power uses a state-of-the-art production facility with standard product interfaces for maximum versatility. Visit the company's booth to find out more.

Booth: 3005

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