Electric catamaran platform for ferries
EV Maritime

EV Maritime is a clean-tech design, engineering and technology company focused on the inshore commercial maritime sector. Its EVM200 is a 24.5m, 25kts electric catamaran platform with capacity for up to 200 passengers. According to the company, this carbon-fiber vessel brings safe, reliable, high-performance, fully electric operation to the passenger and excursion ferry sectors.

The first two of these vessels are currently under construction at a shipyard in New Zealand and will launch in 2024. They have been funded by the New Zealand government for operation in Auckland’s commuter public transportation fleet.

EV Maritime aims to enable boat builders around the world to become electric boat builders and encourages public transit agencies and operators to buy from them. With a team of naval architects, designers, engineers, system integrators, data scientists and consultants, the company offers precision-engineered solutions that meet the world’s highest standards.

EV Maritime has manufacturing partnerships in place in New Zealand, Australia and Canada and is developing manufacturing opportunities in the USA. Find out more at its booth.

Booth: 7080

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