DAY 1: Bosch Engineering displays electronic systems for maritime application
Bosch Engineering

Bosch Engineering, a subsidiary of Robert Bosch, is showcasing the Invcon 3.3 OHW inverter, the SMG220 OHW separate motor generator, the eGFZ9125 central drive, an electric drive control unit (EDCU) and its Electric Drive System Platform (EDSP) at Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo North America.

The inverter provides customized control for Bosch electric motors in marine applications. The Bosch team is explaining to visitors how the configurable software and control parameters enable flexible use in different scenarios. The integrated DC-DC converter, the AC compressor connection and the integrated torque and speed controller allow maximum functionality. The inverter is developed and tested according to Bosch’s high-volume production process for the highest reliability.

Tim Kovacs, senior acquisition project manager at Bosch Engineering, said, “I’m attending the Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo to introduce our marine electric propulsion system to the North American market. Our innovative solution, represented by the Electric Drive System Platform (EDSP), offers a comprehensive and sustainable approach to electric boat drives, contributing to the industry’s shift toward eco-friendly transportation.

“Bosch Engineering’s Electric Drive System Platform (EDSP) revolutionizes electric boat drives by providing a comprehensive solution for manufacturers. This platform incorporates Bosch’s proprietary drive components, including electric motors (available in 90kW and 140kW power ratings), inverters and transmissions. Additionally, it encompasses essential elements such as high-voltage batteries, chargers and cable harnesses from third-party providers.

“To facilitate seamless integration, boat manufacturers receive detailed information, including a system guideline, component specifications, electronic control unit software and a commissioning packet. The EDSP significantly reduces development time for series use, offering a predefined, quick and cost-effective solution for recreational boats and yachts. Expected to hit the US market by the end of 2024, this electric drive system emphasizes optimal performance and adaptability through its high power density, efficiency and compact design, facilitating easy retrofitting into existing engine compartments. The system’s scalability is enhanced by optional gearboxes, an inverter with an integrated DC-DC converter, and an electric control unit, catering to diverse application requirements.”

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