DNV-compliant, immersion-cooled battery packs
Kreisel Electric

The sophisticated design and state-of-the-art thermal management are key to the impressive performance, lifetime and safety aspects of every Kreisel battery, according to the company. The cells in each Kreisel Battery Pack are immersion-cooled by a specially developed dielectric thermal management fluid from Shell. The excellent thermodynamic properties result in a unique low temperature spread of <1°C to prolong the battery life.

The Kreisel Battery Pack 63 (KBP63) incorporates all the technology benefits Kreisel offers in one product.

The KBP63 utilizes patented immersion cooling technology for a perfect temperature spread and the highest safety standards in relation to energy density. The battery can be connected in parallel as well as in series (400V or 800V). The robust, compact and flat design makes the battery flexible and ideal to use in demanding industrial and transport applications. Kreisel’s immersion cooling technology ensures minimal temperature spread on pack and cell level, enabling increased service life and reliability. The incorporated safety features on the module level prevent propagation and lead to the highest safety in relation to energy density.

All Kreisel battery packs can withstand even the harshest environmental conditions, pushing the scope of application beyond the current realm of possibility.

Kreisel’s electric batteries all comply to the DNV marine standard and can withstand even the harshest environmental conditions, allowing this technology to push the scope of application beyond anything thought possible.

Kreisel’s goal is to limit ocean pollution through the electrification of maritime solutions. Sustainability is at the heart of its corporate DNA as it is committed to working towards a net zero production of its products.

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