Onshore charging station
Norwegian Electric Systems

Norwegian Electric Systems claims that its onshore charging station is set to become an industry benchmark and embodies the company’s mission: to deliver large-scale, clean energy solutions from grid to propeller, offering propulsion, power, navigation and automation in an integrated solution.

With 30MVA of total installed power and a 15kV charging system capable of delivering 15MW, Norwegian Electric Systems’ facility is designed to 'dump' over 4,000kWh into the battery of Scandlines' zero-emission ferry in one charge. This translates to a swift, emission-free passage over an 18.5km stretch between Denmark and Germany, championing the shift to sustainable maritime transportation.

The company is a leader in system integration, connecting disparate systems to operate in harmony for optimal performance. Norwegian Electric Systems’ holistic approach reflects its broader offering of comprehensive, integrated solutions that stand at the forefront of technology and ecological stewardship.

As the company prepares to showcase what it deems a technological feat, it says it is not only propelling the marine industry forward but also navigating toward a greener tomorrow.

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