Zero-emission electric tugboat

Navtek’s booth will have all the latest from the company’s fully electric, battery-powered tugboat, which has completed more than 850 days of operation. Zeetug30, which the company claims is the world’s first zero-emission, rechargeable, fully electric battery-powered tugboat, was launched back in 2020.

Navtek has signed a new contract with Gisaş Shipbuilding Industry, a major pilotage and towage company based in Tuzla Bay, Istanbul, Turkey, for two more Zeetug30s and one Zeetug45 to be delivered at the end of 2022. Each Zeetug can be fully charged at a custom-made quick-charge station (QCS) in less than an hour.

A tugboat operation profile covers heavy-duty operations and is therefore very different from that of a ferry or cargo ship, requiring high and continuous power. Hence, the Gisaş Power (Zeetug30)’s successful completion of 850 days in operation is notable. Visitors to Houston will be able to request an operational status report with all the important figures from this period. Zeetug30, which was delivered to Gisaş Tug Operating Company in March 2020, had completed 2,245 operations by the end of July 2022 with 2,830 hours total motor run time. Total time off for maintenance and repair was just 110 hours and total charging was 556,000kWh.

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