Parallel hybrid system
Twin Disc

Twin Disc, a global leader in marine propulsion technology, will display its hybrid and electric marine capabilities at the expo in June. The company says its innovative solutions embrace the growing demand for efficient, environmentally friendly marine propulsion systems.

Twin Disc’s booth will highlight the company’s parallel hybrid system that combines the power of a diesel engine with the quiet operation of an electric motor, while also allowing for energy storage. Designed to reduce fuel consumption, emissions and overall environmental impact, this system is best suited for vessels with long waits between jobs, a high percentage of slow-speed operation and operating in restricted areas and zero-emissions zones.

The parallel hybrid system uses standard Twin Disc propulsion controls. Thanks to the company’s innovative MasterClutch and PTI gearbox technologies, it can be implemented in any standard QuickShift marine transmission. Twin Disc provides all the elements necessary to change over diesel-powered applications, making it a one-stop supplier for hybrid systems.

Booth: 9050

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